compiling neutrinohd2 for sh4 set top boxes

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Re: compiling neutrinohd2 for sh4 set top boxes


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Ja richtig:
Die Taste 'PLAY' war nur dem Movieplayer zugewiesen....
Jetzt hab ich die auch im Aufnahmen Browser eingestellt > und geht.

Danke... :wink:
MfG DboxOldie

KEIN SUPPORT PER PN > Bitte das Forum benutzen und ins Wiki schauen


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Re: compiling neutrinohd2 for sh4 set top boxes


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Hi mohousch and all other contributors,

Thank you very much for your instructions. Fairly easy I could build neutrino-hd2 and neutrino-mp-cst-next flash images for my atevio 7500 and ufs910. Except for some unresolved wget urls, adding a line DRIVER_TOPDIR path in tdt/apps/tools/libmme_host/Makefile and adding isocodes in cdkroot for ufs910, it went through just fine. I already tested the ufs910 flash image and it works great. I did exceed the space limit of theflash root partition and had to delete a few modules and plugins, like ntfs.ko and youtube plugin. After doing that the flash image is exactly 16124 KB and can be flashed.

I have a couple of questions and am grateful for any answers:

- currently I have titannit with i-boot bootloader installed on my atevio 7500. Should I replace the i-boot bootloader by the stock bootloader?

- I tried to connect the sat>ip client in NHD2 to my minisatip server, but it doesn't work. Does the client not connect to a standard sat>ip server ?



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